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Get Free Access to the Only Clinically-Focused R Language Learning Program

Accel2R is the only learning program designed for clinical organizations who need to up-skill their teams to the R language.


When you sign up for our trial learner program, two members of your team (for qualified accounts) will have full access to the curriculum for thirty days. For organizations with < 5 learners, we offer a condensed evaluation period.

What you get with access to the Accel2R Trial Learner Program

  • 10 courses. 80+ learner hours (Access to the full program)
  • Trial access to our virtual lab
  • 50+ exercises
  • Four, 30-minute weekly meetings to review various aspects of the program

In this 4-week (30-day) evaluation program for organizations with 5 or more learners, two members of your team will have full access to the curriculum. We will meet for 30-minutes weekly to review our feedback and questions and to review key aspects of the program including our Guided Learning, Learning philosophy, Learner AI, and curriculum schedule.

The trial learner program is available to organizations with five or more potential learners who are serious about accelerating their transition to R.

What our customers are saying…

Accel2R’s Total Training Program is Unlike Anything Else on the Market

Accel2RInstructor-Led TrainingPure eLearning
Hours of relevant / specialized training80+20-40Varies
Clinical specific curriculumYesYes
SAS to R focused curriculumYes
Learner AIYes
Guided Learning ProgramYes
Learning EventsYes
Access to new clinical specific curriculumYes
Office HoursYesVaries

About the Life Science Specific Curriculum

  • Upon completion users will be proficient in using R in a clinical setting
  • Appropriate for Statisticians, Clinical Programmers, Clinical Application Developers, Clinical Data managers regardless of SAS or R expertise
  • Clinical topics include CDISC SDTM and ADaM dataset generation as well as Tables, Listing, and Figures, and more!

Guided Learning Program to evaluate and support learner progress

  • Monthly manager communication
  • Weekly learner outreach and communication
  • Dedicated Learning Coordinator
  • Office Hours
  • Learning Event Access

Learner AI program to support the learner

  • 55+ learner attributes evaluated
  • Identifies and categorizes learner progress
  • Used by Learning Coordinator to adjust learning path

24×7 Hands on Virtual Lab

  • Individualized virtual learning environment
  • Preinstalled with R Studio, R packages, and all lab exercises and data
  • Local learning lab is also available.

The Accel2R Story

Experis has partnered with our life sciences and pharma clients since 1982. In this 39 years, we have worked with our clients to create and implement creative technologies to reduce the clinical trial process time and increase time to market. We have witnessed and supported the use of SAS® as an important technology in all phases a clinical trial. As a trusted SAS® partner, we are active sponsors and speakers in SAS® Global Forum as well as local SAS® user groups.

In 2005, we added Learning and Training capabilities into our solutions portfolio. This coincided with the rapid increase in the number of technologies and products that were available to an organization. We recognized that workforce enablement was just as important as a successful project or program delivery. We also witnessed the rise of open-source technologies and how they can exist in the clinical technology stack. Even with the strict FDA compliance regulations, our clients were starting to explore and identify how R could be leveraged. The challenge at the time was that open-source technologies (R and Python) were new to the industry and clients needed to start to figure out how and if these were viable. In 2017, Experis started investing in R and working with our clients to understand how R could be used. The entire industry had been built with SAS®. Our SAS® experts with 20+ years of clinical specific industry domain knowledge were trying to learn and work with R.

The Experis Innovation Center was established in 2018 with the goal of generating new ideas and ways of working. We started evaluating creative thinking methodologies, behavior science, and learning science with a goal of how we can accelerate or improve the learning process. With our clients evaluating open-source technologies and our large team of clinical programmers, statisticians, and statistical programmers, we realized with had a perfect opportunity to apply new thinking to a very current problem. In 2020, we released the Accel2R accelerated learning program which uses a variety of new learning approaches designed to help life sciences organizations rapidly move to R. We continue to improve and add to the product with new curriculum updates, new learning activities, and new features.

Accel2R Frequently Asked Questions

The Accel2R learning program is a blended learning program consisting of a unique clinical specific curriculum. Your team’s learning and training is supported by our guided learning team and supported along their journey. Your team will have access to a learning portal with over 80 hours of R learning content, exercises, and knowledge checks.

We do not provide generic eLearning. Our R curriculum is focused for learning those tasks that are needed to support the clinical trials process. We also have Learner AI that allows us to evaluate learning progress and provide support as needed. Our Guided Learning team meets with our clients monthly to provide learner updates.

We use a variety of learning techniques to accelerate the learning the process. One technique is the side by side SAS® to R learning approach. Another technique is the availability of our 24×7 virtual lab where each student has their own learning experience.

We collect data along the learner’s journey. This allows us to identify when a learner may be having some challenges. We can then engage the learner in different ways and also provide you meaningful feedback on their progress.

Our curriculum is targeted specifically for organizations that are supporting the clinical trials process. We cover R fundamentals and more advanced clinical R topics such as creating SDTM and ADAM datasets.

Pricing for Accel2R will depend on your number of users. We also have an Enterprise pricing model available. We do offer a free trial where you have hands-on access to Accel2R. Learn more about the trial program.

It depends on the time you plan on allocating for your individual learners and the specific learning track that your learner needs. We work with you in the program setup activities to align the Guided Learning program with your organizational objectives.

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